At a loss for words

It’s crazy how much my OCD brain overthinks…to the point of not thinking. I can’t bring to mind simple little words I so desperately need to describe what I am thinking, feeling and wanting.

I just read a blog post from ‘Morning Grouch’ and I can’t begin to explain how much I needed to know I’m not alone in my struggle. Knowing someone else is going thru such a similar (damn near identical) struggles is sad, yet comforting. I want to reach out and hug her & let her know she will get they this. And yet, I’m unable to so the same for myself. Therapy sessions leave me worn out from crying, but I leave understanding it’s real (even if only in my head) and I just have to make a conscious effort to rethink my actions/reactions to the world around me. That usually lasts a day or so & it gets overrun by the million other things I have to do each day.

I’m still at a loss for words to explain my absurd thoughts/feelings to my husband and my shrink, but I somehow manage to function until they find their way thru the maze.